Xclusive, the First Multi-Chain Based NFT Marketplace in South Korea Launched by SIX Network, Xeno, and Finger Labs

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3 min readSep 1, 2022

Xclusive is a unique multi-chain-based NFT marketplace presented by the joining forces of SIX Network and Finger Labs. The collaboration between SIX Network specializes in blockchain development, Handstudio a leading NFT company provider in South Korea, and Xeno presents our very first marketplace.

Great Opportunity in NFT Market in South Korea

The NFT market in South Korea is very hot. Recently, so many outstanding NFT collections have been launched on Klaytn, the blockchain network that is focusing on creating the infrastructure for metaverse and creative works. As a result, the total volume of the NFT trading on Klaytn is quite tremendous, and SIX Network sees it as a great opportunity to expand the business activity as an official partner of Klaytn.

Sunmiya Club was an outstanding NFT PFP that successfully sold out 1 day after launch with total volume trade of 14.1 million KLAY (~ $3.2 million). The collaborated project of SIX Network, Xeno, and Finger Labs, a subsidiary of FSN Group, has stumbled upon the NFT ground in South Korea as we aim to exceed the possibilities in this potential market segmentation.

The prospect of our previous project ignited us to continue with new innovation creating Xclusive, the first multi-chain based NFT marketplace that supports Klaytn and Ethereum.

What is Xclusive ?

Xclusive is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that supports Klaytn and Ethereum networks and allows NFT trading with various tokens/coins such as SIX, FAVOR, KLAY, ETH, and more.

The Xclusive marketplace has many cool features, such as Launchpad, a special page for ‘Exclusive NFTs,’ Related Tab to view related NFT projects, and other services to facilitate NFT creators to enter and grow the NFT market.

Xclusive is a collaboration between SIX Network, Xeno, and Finger Labs, a team behind ‘Sunmiya Club’ and a subsidiary of FSN.

More utilities for the SIX Token

Currently, Klaytn-based projects accept SIX as a medium of payment on Xclusive, making the launch of this NFT marketing a crucial milestone for SIX Network to expand the usage of SIX Token in the eyes of the South Korean market to prepare for a global audience.

Xclusive is a product that not only creates a new opportunity in the NFT landscape but also adds more utility to SIX token since the users can exchange Klaytn-based NFTs by using SIX token as a medium. The plus of using SIX token here is the user will be charged no transaction fees. This will let the users get more from processing the activities on Xclusive.

In the future, users worldwide might see some remarkable initiatives on the NFT land by SIX Network’s latest flagship product, “SIX protocol.”

Explore NFTs on the Xclusive marketplace now at: https://xclusive.market/en

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