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3 min readFeb 1, 2021


At SIX Network, we never stop reinventing the digital economy every day and for this week’s blog, we want to bring you to the insiders about the new platform that the team is developing to give everyone the opportunity to easily access investment in the world of crypto.

Present another facet of the DeFi product to how attractive the DeFi platform is and is it for this reason that the trend of SIX coins getting more attention for the existing and new investors in the crypto market.

Make Investing in Crypto a Simplest Task and Accessible to Anyone

Investing for the best return in the crypto market is a difficult task for many people without substantial knowledge and understanding of the market. Especially for newbies in this industry which have recently joined the crypto space that is becoming more and more complex each day.

After the phenomenal Bitcoin has soared to one million Thai baht; is the cause of a numerous increasing amount of new investors. However, the difficulty and challenges to investing in crypto remain a huge obstacle for newbies.

We’ve foreseen the obstacles and problems of new traders, we sort out how to fix and comes the features of the new DeFi platform. Reduce risk, opportunity loss for the investment style of the beginners. We promote confidence in making easier and safer decisions.

Fascinating Features for Newbies on the Platform

The features on the new platform of SIX Network can be divided into two main parts:

1.) Swap & Liquidity Pool — DEX system where investors can use existing crypto coins in adding liquidity to the pool. To clarify, it is similar to a fixed deposit and the depositor will receive a return in interest. It has a lower risk factor than traditional trading, although the risk is less, the return level is considerably higher if analyze from the existing DeFi platform. It is truly an economically friendly and interesting choice for new traders of the market.

2.) Crypto Fund Investment — On the platform includes risk calculation exposure of your investment which are consistent to each individual. These crypto funds are managed by professional traders. Creating a learning environment and facilitate the profiting benefits for investors to invest confidently.

Another alternative feature for experienced traders, in this DeFi platform, offers an undeniable trait for these groups of users to create their own crypto funds. The funds created must be verified by the platform in order to make a pivot along with designing an investment plan to allow other interesting investors to join your fund. This is a great opportunity for the “senior traders” to generate more returns from the crypto fund management.

To all the extent, the best part of benefitting from SIX Network’s new DeFi platform is that the platform is built on the Klaytn blockchain, which offers the advantage of very low transaction fees compared to other blockchain-based systems. This allows users of the platform to frequently make transactions without hesitation.

Invest With Confident, Managed by Crypto-Expert

As cryptocurrencies grow, people are beginning to take it seriously, so the importance of understanding the investment model in the crypto world becomes the essential stage. SIX Network intends to provide this DeFi platform like true-friend (consultant) advising people to understand more from the perspective of experts.

The form of investing in crypto is not just about trading with money, but users can passively make income with lower investment risk. We are working hard to accomplished the system as mentioned above.

SIX Network promises to develop innovative technology for all interested investors to freely access trade within the crypto ecosystem and strive to make it less difficult than everyone can understand.

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