The Future of Definix — The Decentralized Financial Investment Platform

Rebalancing Farm — The Investment Feature of Definix

Rebalancing Farm Showdown

Feedback From The Rebalancing Farm

  • For this issue, we have investigated and found that the cause of this is the data from Price APIs. Instead of sending the current prices, they feed the close prices to the system, which the prices displayed in the rebalancing farms are lower than actual. This is an interface issue but all functional logics behind are perfectly fine and work as they should be. Now we’ve fixed the user interface issue already. Moreover, we are also adjusting some of the user interface and user experience on the graph and matrix in each farm. The upgrade will be done shortly.
  • We have found that a certain user who used the rebalancing farm has an issue with the withdrawal amount and investigated until we could contact that user. We have worked together with the support of the user until we could solve this issue. Since this issue affected the displayed share price on a level of user interface, the part of displaying the share price of FINIX Volatility is perfectly fine now after we solved the issue.
  • We have solved the issue and now the users can make a transaction for investing in rebalancing farms perfectly.

Next Step of Definix

FINIX Long-term DCA Farm with Voting

Voting, the voice of vFINIX

Mutual Farm Investment

Definix Listing, Partnership, and The NFT Trend

Summary : FINIX HOLDERs Win In The Long Run

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