Summary of LIVE AMA Definix and Stocker Day FB Page

The AMA was held on 10th December 2021 on Stocker Day Facebook Page to answer frequently asked questions and update roadmap exploration for Definix platform.

Guest Speaker

  • Ms.Patsanan Buranapattama : (Moderator)
  • Mr.Thanakorn Jiravettaworn : (Moderator)
  • Mr.Nadavudh: Co-CEO SIX Network (Speaker)
  • Mr.Vachara: Co-CEO SIX Network (Speaker)
  1. Could you please introduce SIX Network to the people who don’t know what SIX Network or SIX Coin is?

Back in 2018, we formed the SIX Network with the goal to revolutionize digital creatives in Thailand into Decentralized platform, during which the ICO trend was very blooming. Fortunately, SIX Network was one of the first companies in Thailand to raise capital through ICO with SIX coins. Fast forward to today, SIX has been listed on various Exchanges both in Thailand and overseas, such as Bitkub, Zipmex, and CoinONE. The project has been through some challenging times, but at the same time, it has been continuing to grow and is still striving to develop technologies to meet the needs of the market and users, with this year’s focused project, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), called “Definix.”


2) What are SIX Network’s past projects this year? Any updates?

  • Definix

Earlier this year, we launched Definix, SIX’s DeFi platform with the Governance Token called FINIX

The Definix platform currently has over 40 million USD worth of TVL and operates on the Binance Smart Chain and Klaytn Chain. It is worth mentioning that we have passed the three stages of the Certik security scoreboard, including Certik audit, Certik Skynet, and Certik Shield, as the safety of our users is our top priority.

  • New feature “Rebalancing BSC”

The latest feature released on Definix on the BSC side is the Rebalancing Farm, which comes with a Rebalancing Portfolio strategy that is perfect for people who have no time to trade on their own. This is because the Rebalancing system will sell and take profits when prices rise and buy more when the price falls, making those who make Rebalancing more profitable than just holding their coins.

Investing in Rebalancing Farm will also receive a reward of FINIX coins, just like farming!

Rebalancing Farm on BSC currently has five farms and we’ll add two new farms every two weeks.


We recently launched the first NFT collection with a K-POP girl group, T-ARA, famous for their single Bo Beep Bo Beep. In this project, we partnered with Korea’s top-leading media outlet, Dingo, listing K-POP NFTs that use SIX coins to buy.

This is T-ARA’s first return after four years, and this time, T-ARA members have combined their own funding to release new music for the fans. So, the revenue from the sale of this NFT project will be an essential part of encouraging the T-ARA group to make more music in the future.

NFT T-ARA the sale was outstanding! So many Legendary NFTs were sold out within the first day. As a result, over 1,994,760 SIX or more than 11,968,560 THB have been used to purchase NFTs from this collection. Soon, the NFT marketplace will be issued so that NFT holders can trade on the Definix platform.


3) We have heard a lot about what SIX Network has done. Now, I believe that everyone wants to know what Future Development and Plannings does the project have?

  • Super stake on Klaytn
  • Voting on Klaytn: Users can use vFinix to vote to increase decentralization to the platform on Definix — Klaytn
  • SIX x Phill: Users can stake SIX and receive exclusive privileges from luxury lifestyle partners who join us.
  • Launch NFT Marketplace: Issue an NFT space for NFT holders from SIX on Definix.
  • NFT Partnership Thai & Korean Artists: Soon, we will collaborate with more Korean artists, men, and women (everyone has to know them!), not including so many more Thai artists.
  • vFINIX BSC Voting system: Users can use vFinix to vote to increase decentralization to the platform on Definix — BSC
  • Mutual Fund & Financial institution
  • DeFi Layer 2: We’re planning to bring Definix to Ethereum Layer 2.
  • SIX Universe: It will be a new world that brings new experiences to the users, from both the SIX Network and Ookbee sides, where only NFT holders who purchased from us can access.

The development will continue to follow the steps because the crypto world is constantly changing and improving as the SIX Network aims to develop a product to meet the needs of all users.

Extended to the SIX x Phill project, people can bring stake SIX to get a PLEARN deposit the farm pair and get exclusive privileges from luxury lifestyle partners who join with us.

Another highlight is the SIX universe, which will be the coming together between SIX’s product and Ookbee with over 10 million users, which will be a crucial step to march into the metaverse world.


Questions from the audience

56:34 -What is the plan for DeFi on ETH layer 2 ?

57:47 -Could you share the plan to list SIX on the global exchanges to gain more volume ?

58:45 -Apart from vFinix, Burn, and Halving, are there any other policies to keep the FINIX price from decreasing as the supply increases?

1:00:34 -I saw SIX invested in chomchob, but it doesn’t seem like SIX can be used there ?

1:01:42 -​​What is SIX’s expectation towards CMC ranking?

1:02:39 -What is the capital gains goal for Definix next year (2022)?

1:03:53 -How does Super Stake work? and when will it be available to be used on the BSC side?

1:06:27 -Will SIX ever be used as a payment method at malls or e-commerce apps?

1:07:25 -I would like to know why the team didn’t choose FINIX in the rebalancing farm? I really hope that we will see more use cases for FINIX

1:08:51 -Does Phill coin mean staking SIX? Is Swap an option to get Phill now?

1:10:36 -What is your PR plan? I wish to see markets with much higher volumes. Great concept!

1:12:28 -When will Definix V.2 on BSC arrive?

1:13:04 - Which chain is ​​PLEARN coin operates on?

1:13:25 -Will SIX ever consider being a 3 musketeer? (KUB,JFIN,SIX)

Move forward with us!

SIX Network:

Telegram:, (Thai group)

Definix Facebook Page:

Definix Twitter:




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SIX Network

The ultimate DeFi protocol for investors make the most from the crypto assets.

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