Summary of LIVE AMA Definix and Long Kui Community

  • Miao Miao: Host
  • Mr.Nadavudh: Co-CEO SIX Network (Speaker)
  • Mr.Vachara: Co-CEO SIX Network (Speaker)
  1. What is Definix? Could you tell me the intention behind the project?
  • Rebalancing Farms: Think it’s like a mutual fund where the fund manager manages by using the strategy called “Rebalancing”. Rebalancing is a strategy that can lower the risk and help investors have high returns in the long run. Each farm has been constructed from various cryptocurrencies with different ratios and would be rebalanced according to the algorithm and rules that have been set by the professional. To make a rebalancing strategy works, normally it requires the knowledge of crypto portfolio management but Definix makes it ready to use for everyone. What you have to do is just depositing your coins to the Rebalancing Farm and let the system grow your money by advanced strategy.
  • Decentralized exchange and yield farming: We also have our own DEX and yield farming. You can exchange coins, provide liquidity to the platform, and stake in the farms and pools in order to get rewards as FINIX, the ecosystem token of Definix.
  • Long-term staking pool and voting system (vFINIX): Long-term staking pool is where FINIX holders can earn more rewards by staking FINIX in the pool for 90, 180, 365 days. By staking in this pool, they will get vFINIX tokens in exchange and they will get the right to vote for the direction and privileges when using Rebalancing Farms and other investment tools on the platform.
  • User-generated crypto fund management: The system will allow professional traders to create their own crypto funds and become fund managers. People can come to invest in their funds and they can earn by charging management fees.
  • Vote for the direction and the platform distribution rate of liquidity fees. The user will get a part of liquidity fees as a reward.
  • Get fee discounts for investing in a Rebalancing farm.
  • Get privileges from a partner’s services.

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