Summary of LIVE AMA Definix and Definix Thailand Community FB Page

  • Admin NokFinix: Admin team from Definix Thailand Community (Moderator)
  • Mr.Nadavudh: Co-CEO SIX Network (Speaker)
  • Mr.Vachara: Co-CEO SIX Network (Speaker)

Brief introduction of Definix for those who haven’t join us or stay with us already.

  • A decentralized financial platform developed by SIX Network purposefully for crypto-investment. It is still an early stage for DeFi so Definix has launched the first phase related to DEX, yield farming as a tool for cryptocurrency investigation. The latest release was the Rebalancing Farm and we’ll get into it more on the detail today.

First Break Answering FAQs by the CEOs

  1. What is the major update do you have during this time after the previous AMA with Stocker Day?
  • vFINIX for a voting system in voting for rewarding fee return from a liquidity pool. (Fee generates from swapping of token). In addition, vFINIX is for both rewarding fees and FINIX emission allocation.
  • Discount fee conditioning for Rebalancing Farm
  • FINIX emission allocation will allow you to vote using vFINIX known as Reward Pot.
  • Privilege for vFINIX holder to be allowed to use our partner’s feature such as in Loremboard in portfolio tracking.

Second Break Telegram and Facebook Questions Answering

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