[Announcement] SIX Protocol’s Official Website Launch and Other Updates

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4 min readJun 2, 2022

From our last announcement about the SIX Protocol’s new launch plan, we’re excited to present to you some updates and our next steps, which include:

  • SIX Network website (six.network) revamped
  • SIX Protocol’s official website launching
  • Block Explorer — sneak peek

If you missed our SIX Protocol’s new launch plan announcement, kindly click here

SIX Network Website Revamped

To keep our community and projects from around the world updated on what we’re currently building, we have updated the six.network website to cover everything we’re working on, precisely details about the SIX Protocol. In addition, this website is now linked with our newly launched website for SIX Protocol as well. Everyone can find more information in the next section below 👇🏻

Another fun fact about this update is that we have developed a new tagline for SIX Network to match our current vision to develop SIX Protocol, which is to “Unleash the true power of digital assets.”

SIX Network’s Website

It is also crucial to mention that our team will constantly update this website as some parts of the SIX Protocol are yet to be revealed. Please stay tuned!

SIX Protocol’s Official Website Launching

Following up with six.network website, we’re happy to announce that the official website for SIX Protocol is here!

SIX Protocol’s Official Website (2022) : Unleash The True Power Of Digital Assets
SIX Protocol’s Official Website

Visit now at: sixprotocol.com

Many parts cover details about SIX Protocol on this new website that we’re excited for all of you to find out. So let’s get into it!

⇨ SIX Protocol’s ‘Home’ page

This page has general information about the protocol, such as the core structures that demonstrate the primary services and toolkits SIX Protocol will provide. Moreover, this page will link to our Gitbook Vol. 1 for developers or anyone to learn more about how we’re building our infrastructure blockchain.

⇨ SIX Validator Nodes & Partnership Program page

On the SIX Validator Nodes page, you will be able to learn more about the role of a validator node in the SIX Protocol ecosystem, along with some brief details on how enterprises can become validator nodes.

You will learn the differences between each type of node in the SIX Protocol ecosystem on the partnership program page. This page also includes the benefits of being a node and how you can play your part in creating value together as one of the nodes.

Business Node (Validator Node) & Individual Node

As you know that the validator nodes on the SIX Protocol ecosystem are filled with businesses and enterprises from various industries, we’re happy to let you know that a group of individuals who can combine up to 1,000,000 SIX can become one of our validator nodes as well! (Limited number of nodes)

So, even if you don’t have all 1,000,000 SIX to yourself, don’t worry! You will be able to join as a validator node once you have joined forces with your friends to commit 1,000,000 SIX as a group.

As per the individual node, a person will only need up to 20,000 SIX as an initial deposit for setting up the node.

Anyone interested in being a part of our partnership program, feel free to hit the “Contact us” button under the Partnership Program page on the official site. Also, those who would like to join but still wonder how to participate as a group. Please fill in the form, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

Block Explorer — sneak peek

With the SIX Protocol chain launching on the mainnet, it goes without saying that the block explorer is on the way!

We’re happy to show you some of what we have been developing for our very own block explorer. Check it out!

As per the launch date and instructions to utilize this block explorer, please stay tuned.

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