SIX Network 2022 Roadmap: SIX Protocol

‘SIX Protocol’ — Bring Business to The Web 3.0 Era

SIX Protocol have 3 key parts :

  • SIX tokens: Initiate with the beginning of endorsement for multi-chain level. With this, the decentralized bridge is the variable to focus on bringing chains closer to ERC-20, Polygon, Terra, AVAX, etc.
  • Off-Chain to On-Chain Asset Converter: Innovation that can provide effective toolkits from SIX Protocol for businesses in various industries to create or migrate various digital or tangible assets onto the blockchain, either by issuing tokens or creating NFTs.
  • SIX Protocol APIs will be developed for various industries. Whether the business is e-commerce protocol, business protocol, or GameFi will be provided and handled through a customizable project. Even if your task is converting points into an on-chain token or converting your off-chain digital assets to NFT assets for Metaverse, SIX Protocol APIs will be helpful toolkits for your business.
  • SIX Protocol connects businesses through a one-stop infrastructure, facilitating Cross-chain technology to implement DApps on various blockchains, unlocking unlimited possibilities to hop onto other new chains handled by bridge function assorted for any operating system.

Definix as an Ultimate Investment Portal

SIX Protocol as Infrastructure, Definix as Investment Portal

Keep growing with SIX Protocol Chain!



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SIX Network

SIX Network


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