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5 min readJan 28, 2022

2021 already passed, and now it’s time to rock 2022! Last year, we launched Definix, which is growing strong. It was an important step for us to fully enter the world of DeFi, which also is growing exponentially. This year, our ambition is getting bigger, and we’ll tell you about it.

‘SIX Protocol’ — Bring Business to The Web 3.0 Era

The wave of changes is coming to the digital world, and soon the Web 3.0 era will flourish. SIX Network recognizes this remarkable opportunity to transform ourselves into a mainnet that connects with multiple blockchains, presenting “SIX Protocol”. For the first time, SIX Network will have its own public blockchain that aims to help projects and businesses build new and scalable decentralized apps conveniently through business tokenization.

SIX Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure layer built to help businesses that want to create or migrate their current business to blockchain.

SIX Protocol have 3 key parts :

I. SIX Protocol Chain: SIX Network’s public blockchain network is mainly built as the potential blockchain network for processing transactions and validating the validity of the data across the chain. The chain requires SIX as a gas fee.

  • SIX tokens: Initiate with the beginning of endorsement for multi-chain level. With this, the decentralized bridge is the variable to focus on bringing chains closer to ERC-20, Polygon, Terra, AVAX, etc.

II. SIX Protocol APIs: SIX Protocol APIs will be a channel to communicate between the application and the SIX Protocol Chain. There will be a collection of APIs that can help the developers integrate their applications to SIX Protocol easily.

  • Off-Chain to On-Chain Asset Converter: Innovation that can provide effective toolkits from SIX Protocol for businesses in various industries to create or migrate various digital or tangible assets onto the blockchain, either by issuing tokens or creating NFTs.

Use case example: If a business wants to convert existing loyalty points to tokens, typically, the process of migrating is quite difficult as the company needs to create the converting and validating system by themselves. However, with the use of SIX Protocol APIs, the developer is only required to integrate the API to their applications and let the API do the rest of the work migrating assets onto the blockchain.

  • SIX Protocol APIs will be developed for various industries. Whether the business is e-commerce protocol, business protocol, or GameFi will be provided and handled through a customizable project. Even if your task is converting points into an on-chain token or converting your off-chain digital assets to NFT assets for Metaverse, SIX Protocol APIs will be helpful toolkits for your business.

III. SIX Protocol Cross Chain Support: Nowadays, the number of blockchain networks worldwide is increasing. Users are using Dapps on multiple chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Klaytn, etc. The problem is that if you build your business on a particular blockchain network and when time passes, that blockchain becomes unpopular, it’s a challenging task to migrate things. To solve this, issuing tokens on SIX Protocol will be different since the solution to do the crossing chain will already be provided.

  • SIX Protocol connects businesses through a one-stop infrastructure, facilitating Cross-chain technology to implement DApps on various blockchains, unlocking unlimited possibilities to hop onto other new chains handled by bridge function assorted for any operating system.

Those 3 parts of SIX Protocol will be a foundation for businesses that want to implement blockchain technology and enter the era of Web 3.0, a next-gen internet of decentralized economy.

The application in this era will be running on blockchain, and web 3.0 is a global movement. Therefore, if businesses adapt fast, they will be able to take advantage of which SIX Network provides the infrastructure and toolkits to enter this era conveniently.

Founding Partners — Create Great Thing Together with Great Partners

Creating the big thing can’t be successful alone. Now we’re talking with various parties including large corporations, blockchain network providers, and startups. We have like-minded parties that agree with our vision and will become our founding partners in various roles including node validators and other important roles. The list of our partners will be announced in the official opening event of SIX Protocol.

Definix as an Ultimate Investment Portal

Last year, Definix began as an asset management platform, offering features such as Rebalancing Farms and Long-Term Stake as investment options for crypto investors. Definix’s goal continues this year with an even bigger aim.

Mutual Farms and Rebalancing Farms are two of our unique features that we’re still working on. T-ARA NFT, the world’s first K-Pop NFT collection, we’ve received a lot of interest in NFT creation from a variety of industries. As a result, we decided not to limit ourselves to crypto investments alone, but to also invest in NFTs.

Another point of interest for many businesses is the Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Despite incorporating blockchain technology into the business, they are also interested in raising funds through IDO. This is a feature that we will prioritize for Definix this year.

In the meantime, we have more to tell you in detail about the roadmap of Definix and we’ll have another post dedicated to it. Stay tuned.

SIX Protocol as Infrastructure, Definix as Investment Portal

For this year, our main priorities are creating SIX Protocol and developing new features for Definix. At this point, we expect to make SIX Protocol the core infrastructure in helping businesses bring themselves to blockchain and supporting them in finance with Definix. At the same time, the SIX and FINIX investors will be able to have various choices and strategies to invest in the crypto world.

This is the most exciting time for SIX Network. We’re working so hard to make this year become the most significant year to hope for the top-notch business model development for whether the business is on- or off-chain. SIX Protocol will neutralize the path for each industry to grow along with the gradual need for blockchain adoption to businesses.

At present, we started to think that we shouldn’t limit ourselves with DeFi and the creative industry only. Therefore, SIX Protocol will be the earth-shaking movement that will completely change SIX into a blockchain infrastructure coin and turn Definix into the ultimate investment portal.

Keep growing with SIX Protocol Chain!

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