SIX Network Discord Guide

Greeting SIXers👋

As the SIX Network — Definix community continues to grow with more and more people joining in, we decided to open our very own Discord server, hoping to bring the community a little closer to our team.

Discord is a great space to stay in touch, suggest, and contact our team quickly. Our server is purposefully built to serve the community with many cool features that will allow everyone to stay up to date with what we do and, most importantly, meet new like-minded people on the server!

Let’s start your journey on SIX Network’s Discord as follows:

WELCOME section allows you to get along with.

📕 ⎮rules-agreements

👋 ⎮get-started



Go through the 👋 ⎮get-started instructions to complete verifying the user’s profile and start talking! This section will tell you the overall flow of the server.

INFORMATION section is a collective space of the knowledge inbounding you to get closer to us and DYOR.





COMMUNITY LOUNGE section is where you can hang out with your fellow SIXers and get involved in the community with plenty of activities to participate in.







* As a community, we look out for one another. So, watch out for suspicious activities on 🚨⎪scam-alert and keep this server safe for everyone.

You’re very encouraged to make new friends and talk about all things crypto for this section. Don’t be shy ;-)

SUPPORT section is where you can report your problem to admins and admins will be in touch with you in just a moment.

Ticket Feature: Connect with the admin

  • 📩⎪members-support
    To start inquiries regarding the ICO, feel free to send us a message!
  • Bridge tool inquiries click Create ticket >> click the ticket room # >> provide us with a Bridge ID ticket and original transaction destination.

** Please only create one ticket for each SIX Bridge case **

  • SIX Network/ Definix staff members will never DM you first

Role Information

You will automatically get points to level up your profile on this server by participating, texting, and answering in the group chat. Each time you reach a new level, you will be given a new server role that can access hidden channels and other perks from the team.

Roles and Levels -

Check out our server roles available and how to acquire them 👇🏻

🖤 Level 6: You can customize your nickname and invite your friends when you acquire the role “@SIXtizen”!

💚 Level 20: You will have “@SIX Pass” badge, now you can join various activities from the team and enable you to use external emojis.

🧡 Level 30: “@SIX Fam” is when you are a part of our family. You can start embedding links and attachments. If you have any information from the outside to share with the community, go ahead! We trust you, fam ❤️

  • *Note: There will be much more perks and privileges for acquiring each level on our discord server. Please stay tuned for further announcements! Meanwhile, let’s keep the community active and fun 😎 👏🏻

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