Definix by SIX Network is Entitled With The Skynet From CertiK

Trustworthiness cannot be bought but can be built with strong fundamentals such as audited reports for the system, reputation for social sentiment, and 24/7 security monitoring.

It is more than important for us, the Definix team, to have our Definix contracts be on monitored every minute to maintain the high-security level in order to compassionate with the trust from our users.

Most of the giants in the industry rely on CertiK Skynet as well like PancakeSwap, Aave, Tether, etc. It is likely hard to pass this requirement into getting one of this Skynet Security monitoring. And to us, it is evidence of the hard work we put.

Definix powered by SIX Network has announced the security contracts audit reports from CertiK with high scoring with less severity of security to take into concern.

And a few weeks later SIX Network is proud to announce another level of security that will help boost the confidence of Definix investors and to omit boundaries of perpetual hackers or manipulators into our system with real-time safeguard 24 hours 7 days a week insight on-chain inspection.

>> What is Skynet from CertiK Security Leaderboard

It is a 24/7 Security Oracles that leverages intelligence engines like Skynet to bring security insights on-chain.

Leverages automated technologies to check deployed smart contracts against a wide range of known vulnerabilities at scale. The Security Oracle produces accurate smart contract security scores, which indicate the risk of hacks and code malfunctions before a transaction is submitted.

>> Guarantee safety guard and credibility for users.

With 6 points of security around the field of Static Analysis, On-chain Monitoring, Social Sentiment, Governance & Autonomy, Market Volatility, and Safety Assessment.

Skynet QuickScan Primitives: Static analysis and dynamic monitoring are security industry standards, and the following 5 Security Primitives cover both of these.

  1. Whitelist Primitive | Dynamic

- Scores based on certificates issued on CertiK Chain

- The more certificates a smart contract has, the higher the score

2. Blacklist Primitive | Dynamic

- Scores based on CertiK in-house security intelligence monitoring systems

- Technologies utilized: social monitoring on Twitter/Telegram, Anti-Money-Laundering databases, anomalous transaction detection

3. Quality Primitive | Dynamic

- Scores based on qualitative aspects of a smart contract

4. Bytecode Analysis Primitive | Static

- Scores based on static analysis tools detecting errors in bytecode

5. Source-Code Analysis Primitive | Static

- Scores based on static analysis tools detecting errors in the source code

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SIX Network

The ultimate DeFi protocol for investors make the most from the crypto assets.

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