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Jul 16, 2021

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Overview of Definix Systematic Fund Management

Definix, a decentralized multi-chain fund management protocol, has always been on the banner to ever deliver the best version of crypto fund investment at the very beginning.

The Fund Management section under the management of Definix along with our expertise has been divided into 4 phases according to the latest update of quarter 2–3/2021.

  • Pre-Phase: Internal Fund System Test
  • Phase 1: Definix Systematic Rebalancing Fund on Klaytn
  • Phase 2: Fund Management on Klaytn
  • Phase 3: Fund Management Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

In the early stage, SIX Network team has released a one-stop service DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain and later in June on Klaytn mainnet. Investors are now in common with the DEX, Liquidity Pool, and Farming system, but are eager to get to see our ultimate fund management.

Definition: The process of realigning the weightings of an asset portfolio is known as rebalancing. Rebalancing entails buying or selling assets in a portfolio on a regular basis in order to maintain the original or desired level of asset allocation or risk.

Definix funds are managed by Enigma with the unique systematic algorithm called “Rebalancing”. Definix has done backtests conducted together with Enigma, a group of decentralized fund experts, to implement the strategy used in traditional investment to make Definix’s fund management the best solution for investors.

An automatic rebalancing system will ensure the usability of the fund into being the most vulnerable system that perceived the right to help Definix’s users advance their crypto-asset wisely here.


Systematic Fund Management of Definix using rebalancing portfolio strategy, primarily, is a safeguard for investors from being overly exposed to undesirable risk. Often, the steps to this type of fund are to ensure the amount of risk involved is at our manageable risk level.

Each of the funds has unique characteristics based on assets and criteria of individual funds. The individual fund contains multiple assets with different properties as a component based on its volatility and price.

Beneficial Factors of Doing Rebalancing in The Fund

Regarding the term, rebalancing is the connotation of even distribution, diversified, of the assets within the fund. The end reasons why rebalancing fund has such a point for the crypto fund are:

  • Users being unable to proportion their assets during time intervals
  • Individual investments fluctuate over time
  • To make appropriate for risk tolerance and investment goals.

The launch will come with a certain number of funds with various themes and different rebalancing strategies. Those funds are top performance funds that have been selected from a performance test during our pre-phase.

List of Funds

Strategies Explained

  1. Fee Base — The System triggers a rebalance every time when the fund covers the swap fee of the assets.
  2. Fee Base +1% — The system triggers a rebalance every time when the fund receives a (+1%) interest covering the swap fee of the assets.
  3. Hourly — The system triggers a rebalance automatically every hour.
  4. 2H — The system triggers a rebalance automatically every 2 hours.
Numbers are mock-up for visualized purposes.

For systematic funds, the privileges of having FINIX will be reflected through the funds. If you choose to invest in the funds that include FINIX as an asset, you will pay lesser fees if compared to the funds without FINIX.

This will make the funds with FINIX more attractive to investors as a good choice to invest in.

Is the use of FINIX just only useful to the fund managing side? Are there no other uses of FINIX for retail holders? The reason why we started from this is that we want to set a practice of using FINIX as a part of the fund.

For retail investors, please don’t worry, the more uses of FINIX will be introduced when the fund management protocol launches later on.

The systematic fund is just the beginning of the Definix fund management protocol and surely there will be more to come soon. Words from the CEOs, read more.

Now the system is already functioning. The rest we have to do for your highest security is internal & external audits to make sure that the security of the system works perfectly. That means you’ll see Definix systematic funds in action within this month. Stay tuned!

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