Official Results of The First Definix Trading Tournament

You no longer have to wait, the time has come! After competing of the crypto trading on over the past 10 days, SIX Network team would like to congratulate the top 3 winners according to the competition conditions as follows:

- 1st winner prize, 1,000 FINIX award, Mr. Kitsada Rabiltossaporn winning with a maximum profit of 128.91% of value, equavalent to the value of $1,362.45.

- The 1st runner-up prize 500 FINIX, Mr. Surasak entered the second winner with 39.79% in value, equavalent to the value of $826.10.

- The 2nd runner-up prize, 300 FINIX award, Safe Lung Tu V5, followed in a row with a profit of 19.65% of the principal in value, equivalent to the value of $712.12.

- The team would like to congratulate you for the 3 winners who have been able to successfully overcome the downtrend of the bearish market.

Additionally, the contestants who complete top listing on the 30 ranking trades will also be eligible to join the Definix Elite Trader Community, number one Definix’s leading trader community.

In addition, the contestants who finish the top 100 will also receive 0.05 BNB as an item to take home as well. All prizes will be transferred to the trading wallet of the contestant.

It can’t be denied, in every crisis there is an opportunity. We can clearly see that if you manage to handle the profit and lose with your critical thinking; whether in a bearish or bullish market it never is an obstacle to make profit.

The ability to overcome any situation and trade at your own risk is never an old phrase. Being a skilled and well trained person can eventually bring out opportunities from risky objectives.

Fund Manager is one of the investment options that can help you achieve your goals, by the help form the fund manager is one of a considerable option to advise you on the trading at your own risk.

See you again in the next competition.

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