[Official] Announcement The First FINIX Halving

Definix is announcing that we are going to make the first halving of the FINIX Token 9 April 2021, 09:00 P.M. (GMT +7).

What is Halving?

Halving is the process in cryptocurrency space including the DeFi platform to used in controlling the generation rate of the cryptocurrency/governance token in reducing the inflation rate according to the market situation.

In the cryptocurrency space, the term halving refers to a process that reduces the issuance rate of new coins. More precisely, halving is the periodical reduction of the block subsidy provided to miners. The halving ensures that a crypto asset will follow a steady issuance rate until its maximum supply is eventually reached.

FINIX First Halving

During the Gliding Period FINIX token’s emission rate reduces to 6 FINIX per block generation, or 2x emission rate. Halving is a mechanism that plays a big role in the tokenomic which reduces the production rate by half to maintain the inflation rate of the Definix’s ecosystem token, FINIX, to able to sustain its value and in addition to improve the market circulation.

Halving is a perpetual event of the cryptocurrency space to such as Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum, and more. The halving is significant because it marks another drop in dwindling finite supply, where havling and burning tokens are totally different events.

In brief:

Halving — is to reduce the production rate of the FINIX tokens by 50% to sustain their value.

Burning — is to eliminate the FINIX tokens from the existing supply to control the total inflation rate.



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