[Official] Announcement 2nd FINIX Token Halving

From our previous announcement, Definix is glad to be announcing the second halving of the FINIX Token effective today (21 June 2022 at 5.00 P.M. (GMT+7))

Halving is the process in the cryptocurrency space, including DeFi platforms to be used to control the generation rate of the cryptocurrency/governance token. Halving plays an essential role in the ecosystem to maintain the production rate by half, reduce the inflation rate, cause unpredictable value crashes, and improve the market circulation.

For Definix, halving simply means the process of reducing the production rate of the FINIX tokens by 50%.

For this halving event, the emission rate of FINIX will be halved to 43,200 FINIX/day (from 86,400 FINIX/day). It is crucial for everyone to note that the decrease in the emission rate and token issuance due to the halving will also reduce the number of deposit rewards and the percentage of APR.

After asking the vFINIX Holders community to help determine the direction of the Definix’s ecosystem operation through voting, we have come to an accord to close the following farms:

  • oBNB-oUSDT

For further updates on the Definix platform, please stay connected through our community channels to receive the latest updates!

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