Guide For Purchasing NFT Collection of T-ARA

The official first NFT collaboration project by Dingo x SIX Network is issued to celebrate T-ARA’s 12th debut anniversary album [Re:T-ARA].

The NFT sale will be available at

The project’s main focus is on the rarity of the card collection that is limited in quantity, fans can keep T-ARA’s moment today in your digital wallet forever! All purchases and storage are managed on Binance Smart Chain.

About The Collection of T-ARA NFT

The sale will start at 3.00 PM (GMT+9) on Monday, 22 November.

SIX coins are needed for purchasing.

The NFT in the collection will be divided into 4 tiers: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Normal — 120 SIX per 1 card. Maximum buy 10 cards per one address.

Rare — 600 SIX per 1 card. Maximum buy 10 cards per one address.

Epic — 2,400 SIX per 1 card. Maximum buy 10 cards per one address.

Legendary — 6,000 SIX per 1 card. Maximum buy 5 cards per one address.

How to Buy T-ARA NFT

This guide is targeting the blockchain or NFT beginners who do not have, regarding, knowledge or experience. Please be informed that there are many ways to purchase NFT using SIX coin, yet we are providing the most efficient way for those who do not have SIX or BNB at all.

Step 1 Purchase BNB

You can purchase BNB tokens from BNB listed centralized exchange, recommended Binance Exchange. Please keep in mind that you are in the step of converting a fiat, real-life monetary, to a cryptocurrency in this case is BNB.

Why BNB? Because BNB is essential for setting up a decentralized wallet Metamask and the wallet is compatible with Binance Smart Chain that will be used for paying every transaction fee.

The value of 1 BNB roughly equals 8,211 SIX at the written time. That means, for example, if you want to purchase a normal card, you need to have 0.015 BNB plus the gas fee for Binance Smart Chain. As a result, we suggest you to buy at least around 0.2–0.3 BNB (Around $115-$174) at minimum to be sure that you’ll be able to do all transactions until you get an NFT. This is an example of a normal rarity. If you want to purchase greater rarity, it requires more BNB to exchange for more SIX.

However, the price of cryptocurrency is fluctuating and can be different from the example. It’s just to make you see the whole picture of how to calculate how much you should buy BNB to exchange for SIX.

*1 BNB = Around 580 USD at the written time.

1 SIX = Around 0.079 USD at the written time.

Step 2 Prepare Metamask Wallet

If you already have Metamask Wallet with the correct chain setting please skip to Step 3

Install Metamask wallet to Google Chrome Extension >> Create wallet (Please keep your seed phrase secure and do not share with anyone).

1.1 Add Network (Manually)

Click Save

1.2 Go to

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Locate “Add BSC Network” button >> click to setup

2. Choose Network from dropdown >> Binance Smart Chain

3. Import Tokens

Token Contract Address:

- SIX Token: 0x070a9867ea49ce7afc4505817204860e823489fe

(Auto filled in for Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision)

4. Add Custom Token >> Import Tokens

Refer to:

Step 3 Transfer BNB to Metamask Wallet

Withdraw your BNB from your exchange wallet. The example here will be based on Binance Exchange.

*Each exchange may have different ways of withdrawal.

1. Select BNB in Fiat and Spot menu

2. Select Withdrawal

3. Input your Metamask address located on top of your wallet, beneath your account name, and copy to paste.

4. Enter the amount of BNB to transfer.

When the transfer is complete check your Metamask wallet

Step 4 Swap BNB for SIX token

In order to buy a T-ARA NFT Card, you need to exchange BNB for SIX tokens.

* NFT transaction requires some amount of BNB for a fee. Please be wary that you cannot proceed with transactions without a fee if you swap the entire BNB to SIX.

1. Go to the exchange page ​

2. Unlock the decentralized wallet of your choice (Metamaks).

3. Select the tokens you wish to trade and enter the amount, check the details, and click “Swap”.

4. Check the details and click “Confirm Swap”.

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.


Step 5 Purchase NFT with SIX token

1. Go to >> Click Connect Wallet

2. Navigate to NFT

3. Select the NFT picture you wish to purchase

4. On the right tab will display you the detail of your NFT collection

Route 1 Starting from a centralized exchange

In case you’ve already purchased SIX from other centralized exchanges

Coineone — Klaytn Network

Bitkub — Stellar Network

Bittrex — Stellar Network

Zipmex — Stellar Network

you will be involved with the tool provided by Definix platform called Bridge Tool ( to portal your SIX token from one chain to another, Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). Refer to bridge user guide to start bridging the purchased SIX to Binance Smart Chain.

Route 2 Starting with assets compatible on BSC that can be Swap on Definix

In case you already have assets compatible to make an exchange on Swap feature, you can choose any relevant cryptocurrency you’d like to make an exchange for SIX on BSC.

Here is the list of tokens available for swapping on Definix platform:


Purchase NFT with SIX token

1. Go to >> Click Connect Wallet

2. Navigate to NFT

3. Select the NFT picture you wish to purchase

4. Right tab will give you the detail of your NFT collection

If you have any further questions about T-ARA NFT, you can ask at T-ARA NFT. OFFICIAL Telegram Group (

Follow for news and update

SIX Network:

Telegram:, (Thai group)

Kakao Open Chat: (Korean)

Definix Facebook Page:

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