Farms To Be Add on Definix Rebalancing Farm And vFINIX Plan

Definix recently released the new feature of the platform in mid-August with supportive feedback that enables us to want to make Definix the platform in which investors can advance their crypto-asset with us and make the most out of it.

In lesser than 1 month you can evidently see that the returns are more profitable than having staked or holding coins in a personal wallet. As we usually say to never stop reinventing our digital ecosystem, Definix is releasing another 3 farms in Rebalancing Farm for users’ choice.

List of Farms

Assets Ratio

➔ Bullish Gaint — BTC 70% ETH 30%

➔ Top Coin Collect— USDT 50% BTC 25% ETH 25%

➔ Three Musketeers— ETH 33.33% KLAY 33.33% BNB 33.33%

The beneficial factors of having Rebalance Strategy apply in the farm on Definix platform is proven through time even though the market has crashed the farms are still in green and making profit sustainably.

It helps investors who have no time to monitor the portfolio manage their assets allocation during fluctuations and avoid risks for their investment goal.

What to Know Before Start Farming in Rebalancing Farm

DYOR, is one of the best pieces of advice everyone would give to one another for every new beginning to trade or to farm. So here are the signs for newcomers to begin with to start investing in Rebalancing Farm on Definix Klaytn chain.

Component of Rebalancing Farm Indicator

  • Share Price: A financial instrument that shows the value of each share/unit that provides the benefit of limited liability.
  • Return: Estimate return on investment measures approximately over a period of time (1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, ALL).
  • Current Investment: Your current placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit.

1 Indicates the number of your shares

2 Indicated the value of your shares

  • Max Drawdown: The comparison of decline and increase in the value of investment throughout the historical period.
  • Sharpe Ratio: The average return ratio compares to the risk-taking activities earned per unit rate of the total risk.
  • Risk-O-Meter: Risk gauge to indicate the possibility of investment.
  • Asset Ratio: Number presenting of assets in the farm.
  • Graph: Diagram showing the relation between variable quantities.
  • Yield APR: A return of an investment paid in FINIX calculated in APR compounding automatically.
  • Total Asset Value: Accumulative value of the asset in the farm.

How To Start Investing in Rebalancing Farm

1. When you have chosen the farm you want already, start by depositing your asset, and the system will automatically swap and distribute to other assets in the ratio.

2. A minimum staking time is 72 hours, an extra 1% charge will be added to your transaction fee if withdraw before the minimum stake time.

3. When withdrawing the assets from the farm you can withdraw all tokens and will be converted from the shares you own.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Fee Structure

The fee is not collected when you first invest in the farm, but will only be collected when you withdraw.

Early Withdrawal Fee

The specified time to stake your assets is 72 hours minimum start counting when you deposit in the farm successfully. An extra 1% is charged if you withdraw before the minimum period has ended.

Management fee (0.2%) will be deducted to the farm manager for this instance to the Enigma party and Definix system.

FINIX Buy Back and Burn (0.75% vault includes FINIX, and 1.5% vault excludes FINIX) will be distributed to development accounts for the buyback and burn, which is a part of the deflationary mechanism that helps stabilize the price and supply of FINIX in the ecosystem.

Ecosystem fee (0.3%) will be distributed to reserved farms for development activities for the Definix ecosystem such as special offers, bounty programs, and etc.

Next Plan of vFINIX and FINIX Utilities

For those of you who have been around with Definix since the beginning are all waiting for the new use case of the FINIX utilities that will contribute to the platform.

As recent as our latest AMA session on 1, September 2021 the plan for FINIX use has been reviewed just a little touch in the fifth question to let you know about it. Read the full AMA Summary here.

Recaption: Definix development team is working on what is revealed as vFINIX as a part of the FINIX token utilization. This vFINIX is not equivalent to FINIX token in any form but acts as a representative unit for people who are holding FINIX.

To obtain vFINIX one must stake FINIX in Definix’s Long-term staking pool with period conditions stated, divided into 3, 6, and 12 months to receive vFINIX to use it for their own privileges.

What are the privileges from vFINIX?

  • vFINIX can be used for the new voting system in Definix. Allowing users to help decide the rewarding fees and when there’s voting for a change of FINIX emission allocation.
  • vFINIX can be used for a discounting fee for the Rebalancing Farm
  • vFINIX is used in the extra Reward Pot system.
  • Privilege for vFINIX holder to be allowed to use our partner’s feature such as in Loremboard in portfolio tracking.


Definix had such a journey before we come to this point where we seek to research and development in the creation of the platform transformation. We hear out to the community and try our best to service the right intention as we can.

The farms that have been added are from the backtesting procedure which we decided last time to release later. Our new voting system is another factor that has been added since the Korean community has requested it which will be an additional mechanism that drives Definix to a more approachable and transparent platform for everyone.

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The ultimate DeFi protocol for investors make the most from the crypto assets.

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