Farms To Be Add on Definix Rebalancing Farm And vFINIX Plan

What to Know Before Start Farming in Rebalancing Farm

  • Share Price: A financial instrument that shows the value of each share/unit that provides the benefit of limited liability.
  • Return: Estimate return on investment measures approximately over a period of time (1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, ALL).
  • Current Investment: Your current placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit.
  • Max Drawdown: The comparison of decline and increase in the value of investment throughout the historical period.
  • Sharpe Ratio: The average return ratio compares to the risk-taking activities earned per unit rate of the total risk.
  • Risk-O-Meter: Risk gauge to indicate the possibility of investment.
  • Asset Ratio: Number presenting of assets in the farm.
  • Graph: Diagram showing the relation between variable quantities.
  • Yield APR: A return of an investment paid in FINIX calculated in APR compounding automatically.
  • Total Asset Value: Accumulative value of the asset in the farm.

How To Start Investing in Rebalancing Farm

Figure 1
Figure 2

Next Plan of vFINIX and FINIX Utilities

  • vFINIX can be used for the new voting system in Definix. Allowing users to help decide the rewarding fees and when there’s voting for a change of FINIX emission allocation.
  • vFINIX can be used for a discounting fee for the Rebalancing Farm
  • vFINIX is used in the extra Reward Pot system.
  • Privilege for vFINIX holder to be allowed to use our partner’s feature such as in Loremboard in portfolio tracking.


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