[Major Announcement] — FINIX APR Allocation Adjustment

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2 min readAug 23, 2021


Dear all Definix users, Definix developer team would like to announce that we had made a major update on APR allocation on the Definix platform on both networks (Klaytn, and Binance Smart Chain).

What news on the changes?

The reason for making these changes is to create the sustainability for definix users and ecosystem itself by balancing the APR across the farms in the ecosystem. The allocation is adjusted based on the industry status-quo and industry research. Please find the changes in the table below:

Klaytn Network

Binance Smart Chain Network

How the changes help the ecosystem

According to the diagram above we can see that the APR allocation has been adjusted and distributed to the pool that is related with ecosystem token (FINIX) directly. By allocating the APR to FINIX related farms, it will enforce the investors to participate with the ecosystem token even more. The investors will earn more rewards when they participate in the FINIX pool. This also helps reduce the reward acquired from non-ecosystem selling incidents that occur recently.


With this major adjustment we believe that it will cause the ecosystem of Definix to be more sustainable for all investors and also support the price structure of FINIX and lead to the stronger tokenomic that support more products that are coming in near future.

What next?

We are coming up with a new product very very soon. Please stay tuned for more information via these channels.

SIX Network: https://six.network/

Telegram: https://t.me/SIXnetwork(International), https://t.me/SIXnetworkTH (Thai group)

Definix Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/definixofficial

Definix Twitter: https://twitter.com/DefinixOfficial



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