SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator: The Big Opportunity For Small Individual

What if you are a single particular person who yearns for the opportunity to be a node validator for a blockchain? What if you have no essential to pass the basic requirement to register to become a node for other networks?

SIX Protocol Partnership Program is nearly to commence another opportunity to enrich our ecosystem with Individual Node Validator program after Business Node has been settled to the public enterprise for a period of time.

The Business Node Validator was made specifically, hence the name, for businesses and organizations which can exploit SIX Protocol Toolkits that will help elevate the business operation into a blockchain full course.

The criteria required to set up Business Node Validator respectively using a big amount of 1 million SIX tokens to stake in the system, but in contrary with the possibilities and functionalities to scale up the business to Web 3.0 is a reasonable investment price.

Just a quick recap of the main point leading to how interesting Node Validator could be, receiving fruitful benefits, and contributing to a blockchain ecosystem. Though you may see the potential to grow under SIX Protocol to become one of the validators, if you have no business service here is your chance to enroll for an important role in the blockchain industry.

SIX Protocol Individual Node Validator is offering this initiative for people who are interested to join whether you are from any job field no matter who you are, a self-employed, professional, or office worker; you are all welcome to set up an Individual Node on SIX Protocol chain.

The eligibility and requirements to set up as a node validator basis require 20,000 SIX tokens to stake in the individual node variation.

Once your validator starts, you will receive the passive rewards you may earn shared from the protocol’s gas fee according to the percentage of its validation period that has passed.

☑️ Let us discuss the role node staker will contribute to the system

  1. Distributed consensus protocol.
  2. Execute transaction.
  3. Maintain and execute the performance of blockchain infrastructure.

☑️ Benefit

  1. Be a part of block validation in the chain.
  2. Receive passive reward shared from gas fee.
  3. Inclusive opportunity with the network.

Everyone can have the opportunity to become a node validator for a blockchain network no matter what are the objectives or role you are in. Generally, it requires a large number of funds, but SIX Protocol Partnership Program is granting a big opportunity for a particular group of people and individual blockchain enthusiasts to join with ease.

If you are interested to buy a node you can fill in the form here 👉

✅ Individual Node Validator program is around the corner and we encourage you to get in touch at our website and don’t miss out on the advantages you have.

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