How-To Start Farming on Klaytn-based Definix

Official launch Definix on Klaytn is one of the big events happening to SIX Network and Klaytn. Most of DeFi enthusiasts are keeping an eye on Definix, whether they have invested with Definix on Binance Smart Chain or on other similar projects.

In this article, we will introduce you to the How-to migrate to Definix on Klaytn blockchain. Starting with preparing your decentralized wallet supporting on Klaytn. For people interested using mobile application is recommended to use D’cent and Kaikas Wallet for browser users.
(Metamask and other Hardware wallet are not supported)

For users who have used Definix before.

  1. Swap the existed assets of FINIX, SIX by using DEX on Definix — Advance Your Crypto Assets

2. Go to SIX Bridge and select FINIX or SIX. Select assets from BSC and to Klaytn network and press the bridge button.

3. Input address for Klaytn and the amount of FINIX or SIX and press the bridge button.

Method 2 Transfer BNB (BEP20) to Klaytn Network

  1. Convert the existing assets to BNB by using Swap on Definix.

2. Go to Orbit Bridge, choose BNB then press ok.

3. Select destination from chain BSC and to chain Klaytn then input the amount of asset you wish to convert then press confirm.

For the users who never experience DeFi farming. Here is the recommended method:

  1. Launch and select SIX token from Stellar Lumen to Klaytn, and press bridge.

2. Input amount of SIX and final address for wallet supporting Klaytn. Press next to receive address and memo text.

3. Launch Bitkub or Zipmex to withdraw SIX from the exchange.

4. Input Address and Memo from Six Bridge before withdrawing the amount of SIX, the same amount input on SIX Bridge, then press confirm. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox and press confirm again to successfully withdraw your transaction.

Method 2 Transfer BNB from Binance Exchange to Klaytn network.

  1. Launch Binane on a website or application, go to Fiat and Spot, and withdraw BNB.

2. Input BSC wallet address and the amount of BNB you wish to transfer and confirm your transaction.

3. Launch select BNB and press ok.

4. Choose from chain BSC to chain Klaytn then input the amount of token and supporting wallet address for Klaytn then press confirm.

How to Farm Definix on Klaytn

In celebration of Definix having officially launched the final version of the platform on Klaytn network, there is a special Gas-Free Period running from (Date) to thank all interested investors. Granting more accessibility to Farm, Stake, Swap with transaction fee equivalent to zero!

After the period has ended on(date), the transaction fee will be collected according to the fee structure where a 0.2% fee is paid; 0.15% goes to liquidity providers and 0.05% goes to the Definix Swap treasury.

  1. Launch Definix on Klaytn and connect wallet.

2. Swap token for the farm you choose such as FINIX-KLAY by trading half of the amount for FINIX and KLAY(Reserve KLAY for future transaction fee.)

3. Go to the Liquidity menu and add Liquidity. Then approve and supply the pool to receive LP token.

4. Approve and Stake LP you wish to stake and press deposit.

How to buy KLAY use for Klaytn fee

  1. Register account for

2. Transfer USDT from Metamask or Wallet to

3. Trade USDT for KLAY/USDT pair to received Klay

4. Transfer Klay to wallet supporting Klaytn chain such ass Kaikas or D’cent.

Explore Definix on Klaytn together!


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