FSN ASIA — Six Network, Partnership Announcement with ‘IOTrust’… “Expanding the DeFi Ecosystem”

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2 min readJul 1, 2021


IOTRUST Descent wallet linked to Klaytn-based DeFi platform ‘Definix’… “Expanding Accessibility”

In order to expand the ecosystem of the decentralized exchange (DEX) platform ‘definix’ developed by Six Network for the DeFi (blockchain-based decentralized finance) business, a partnership agreement with IOTRUST, a cryptocurrency wallet specialist (MOU) was signed.

Source : https://dcentwallet.com/

Through this MOU, IOTRUST’s cryptocurrency wallet D’CENT will be linked to the Six Network ‘Definix’ platform. The purpose is to further improve the accessibility of the Definix platform in the mobile environment by adding the D’cent wallet to the existing Klaytn-based Kaikas web wallet interworking system.

The company plans to consider various measures to expand the Definix ecosystem, such as ending the linkage of the KakaoTalk’s “Klip” Wallet as soon as possible.

FSN ASIA CEO Cho Chang-hyeon said, “With this MOU as a starting point, Definix platform users will be able to store, manage, and trade crypto assets more conveniently through the D’cent wallet. As it is a necessary process to develop into a receiving crypto asset management platform, we plan to conduct more diverse cooperation in the future.”

IOTRUST CEO Baek Sang-soo said, “Through the agreement with Six Network, which has network competitiveness in domestic, Asian and overseas markets, we expect that the D’cent wallet linked to the Definix DeFi service will also greatly contribute to the expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem.” He said, “Based on this Definix interlocking service and smooth technical cooperation in the future, we will make efforts to establish D’cent as Asia’s representative DeFi wallet.”

‘Definix’ is a decentralized finance multi-chain-based cryptocurrency trading brokerage platform developed by Six Network. Starting with the BSC-based launch in April, the official service to support the Klaytn-based system began in the middle of last month.

Definix platform development and operating company, Six Network, is a subsidiary of FSN ASIA, a subsidiary of Future Stream Networks (214270, hereinafter FSN), a comprehensive digital marketing company.



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