DEFINIX Trading Tournament — 1,800 $FINIX to Be Won

Accomplishment To Hold FINIX Trading Tournament

Competition Detail:

  • 1st price 1000 $FINIX
  • 2nd price 500 $FINIX
  • 3rd price 300 $FINIX
  • Top 30 outstanding traders from this tournament will be selected to join the Elite Community of the traders and can be joined exclusively by invitation only.
  • The Elite Community will be the conference point of every trader to share their knowledge, experience, and perspective on how to be a better version of a trader that they already are.
  • Tournament competitive surprising bonus rounds up to 5 BNB in reward! The participants on the top list of the first 100 traders will be rewarded with 0.05 BNB equally as a complementation trading fee pool.
Only selected first 100 traders on the list will receive 0.05 BNB each (grand total of 5 BNB).

Trading Rule:

  1. The participants must create a new decentralized wallet (not in use before) and deposit 1 BNB net cost before registering with the platform.
  • Trading (swap): Exchange the token for other coins based on their strategy on the permitted pool and decentralized exchange.
  • Staking: The participant put the asset in the permitted pool if the participant staking in the pool that is not listed in the rule, the participant will be disqualified
  • Farm: Stake LP token to the only permitted farm to earn a reward.
  • Gas Fee: Please manage your gas well. We do not allow the participants to top-up any assets from external sources, which means the participants can only earn more gas fees from the two actions above.
    **NOTE** Topping up more resources to the trading account will automatically result in disqualification and banned from this tournament.


Stay tuned with us!



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