Definix on The Full Run For Crypto Investment and Multi-chain Fund Management Protocol

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5 min readApr 4, 2021

It was a blast to know that Definix has caught the attention of investors from many countries around the world for SIX Network’s biggest, better, and most innovative DeFi platform.

Next Step: Yield Farming For FINIX (Ecosystem Token)

Definix is ready for the new release of the full-functioning decentralized crypto investment protocol. In this first Milestone, SIX Network would like to introduce to you all the astonishing features for a long-run investment in our Yield Farming.

On the 31st March 2021, SIX Network officially launched with the first step, the SIX Bridge to convert SIX tokens to BSC-based. The Genesis Period is the bonus period to stake SIX for FINIX before the full run to be open.

The First Milestone of Definix Yield Farming

We’ve finally come to an end of the new beginning. Previously, SIX Network has opened a single-sided pool called Genesis Pool to harvest FINIX without having to stake a pair of tokens. But that was just another dish before the entrée. We proudly present our Yield Farming, the ultimate way to profit in crypto investment.


I. Decentralized Exchange (aka Swap)

a. A cryptocurrency within the protocol to swiftly exchange for another currency.
*** DEX is for cryptocurrency swapping and SIX Bridge is for converting the cryptocurrency to another blockchain-based.

II. Liquidity Pool

a. The exchanged crypto can be added to the liquidity pool in the system and gain benefit from transaction fees off the platform as a profit.

III. Farms

a. Providing liquidity for the ecosystem, investors will be rewarded with LP Token.

b. The collectible LP Tokens are for Yield Farming within our pool.

c. Listing of LP Tokens available for staking:






The Genesis Pool production capacity of FINIX tokens was 6 times in the first 72 hours; will be reduced to 4 times in the Rising Period; and 2 times in the Gliding Period, respectively.

The Emission Rate of FINIX Token in Each Period
FINIX tokens are only produced and regulated by Smart Contract, so the tokens are generated with limits during each period as follows.

After the emission rate boost in the Genesis Period, the FINIX tokens will be adjusted for production at 86,400 FINIX and burning 277 FINIX per day entering its Full-Fledged Period. This strategically maintains the optimal token supply and prevents token inflation caused overflowing of the FINIX in the system.

FINIX is also being structured for use in the next milestone. The next period is the Crypto Fund Investment with token holders able to invest in our Decentralized Multi-chain Fund Management Investment in the future.

IV. Fund Investment & User Generated Fund (UGF)

a. Crypto Fund Investment: The fund is tailored and managed by Definix and its expertise in the field. Allowing users to leverage their portfolios with various funds managed including index fund, crypto, and more to be announced.

b. User Generated Fund (UGF): Encouraging activity within the platform allowing experienced investors who meet our criteria to open up their own fund and receive performance fees and fund management fees.

c. It is required for the fund manager to plan out fund strategy, specify tokens, and fund fee.

The Utilities of FINIX: The Ecosystem Token of Multi-chain Fund Management Protocol

  • Ecosystem Token — only functional within the Definix platform
  • To use for an investment product
  • Insurance service using FINIX as payment
  • Basis discount point for managed fund
  • Leverage in investment

FINIX Token will be useful on the Definix platform because it acts as a stake similar to the centralized bank system fund. Upon our Yield Farming opening, every investor who wants to participate in farming must own FINIX along with other support tokens on the platform which is initially Binance Smart Chain based. The emission rate of FINIX tokens afterward is equivalent to 86,400 FINIX per day.


For our upcoming Milestone on Definix will be based on Klaytn Blockchain, our foremost alliance which helps solve the high gas price which many platforms have been trying to find a solution for. With a large scale of Decentralized Multi-chain Fund Management Protocol, this will be our top-notch movement.

Crypto Fund Investment Made Easy for Everyone to Join

Are these passive income opportunities safe?

All of these opportunities are using highly reputable DeFi products. All smart contracts have been audited which largely mitigates risk. However, with any DeFi product, there is always a very small chance of loss meaning no user should add more capital than they would be willing to use.

How much capital do I need to get started?

There are no minimum capital requirements to partake in any of these opportunities. With that being said, meaningful returns are largely earned with capital contributions at your own risk.

- DeFi Rate, 2021 <>

To wrap up, Definix welcomes all and each interesting investor whether you are new or an expert in the field to invest and advance your crypto assets with use. Everyone must put the effort in their investment knowingly that investing is not just an opportunity to trade, but to grow mindfully and utilize the resource you have on hand wisely.

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