[Update] How to exchange new Binance Smart Chain format VELO tokens

  1. Claim your VELO rewards to your Metamask wallet from Definix Partnership Pool (https://bsc.definix.com/partnership-pool).
  2. Within 1–14 business days you will receive a new format of 18-decimal VELO token automatically.
  3. The VELO token will be transferred to your Metamask wallet in a 1:1 ratio.
  4. **(BSC)VELO contract address: 0xf486ad071f3bee968384d2e39e2d8af0fcf6fd46
  • * To check if you have received the VELO token, it is recommended that you add the contract address to your Metamask wallet and check it from time to time. Or check your wallet transactions at https://bscscan.com.

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