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6 min readJan 28, 2022
Definix investment portal by SIX Network

In 2021, the Definix platform was introduced to the world as SIX Network’s first DeFi project. This year, we plan to scale up Definix to become an investment portal that facilitates the missions to help businesses in various industries safely migrate their assets into the blockchain, in accordance with SIX Protocol.

‘2022 Definix Rising: The Ultimate Investment Portal’

Last year, Definix started from the concept of an asset management platform that launched features like Rebalancing Farms and Long-Term Stake as choices for crypto investors to invest in. This year, the mission of Definix continues with even the larger vision.

First and foremost, we still keep developing our unique features like Mutual Farms and Rebalancing Farms. Additionally, since the launch of T-ARA NFT, the first K-Pop NFT collection globally, we have got a lot of interest in NFT creation from many businesses and creators. As a result, we decided not to limit ourselves with the crypto asset investment and expand to NFT investment.

As the trend to adopt blockchain technology has been blooming among businesses. Our team sees these rising movements as an opportunity to scale up and further improve the platform in accordance with SIX Protocol. Now, we share with you some essential milestones for Definix in 2022 below.

Core Themes of Definix Development

Definix NFT Marketplace — The idea for the Definix NFT marketplace is to issue a secondary market where individuals can use SIX or FINIX to purchase and exchange NFTs with other individuals. We aim to create a space for NFT lovers/holders to be able to trade NFTs, strengthen the Definix community, and utilize SIX and FINIX. Once SIX Protocol has onboarded prospects or businesses, their NFTs will also be listed on the marketplace.

IDO Platform — We want to launch an IDO platform for any prospect or business that wants to convert their assets into the blockchain with SIX Protocol, either by issuing tokens or creating NFTs, including governance tokens that can gain immense traction.

Other than integrating blockchain technology into the business, the IDO platform can also be utilized in fundraising. This will be a feature that we prioritize for Definix this year.

Mutual Farms — The objectives behind issuing mutual farms are mainly to enable users to leverage their portfolios tailored and managed by professional traders or experts. To make this happen, we will need to acquire professional traders to open Mutual Farms on Definix.

In summary, Definix will be an investment platform with choices for investment in the decentralized world. Crypto investors will have more options to invest in the platform. These projects listed above mark an essential step towards the improvement of Definix’s ecosystem, as well as the advancements of SIX Network, as Definix is set to be a part of SIX Protocol Chain in the near future.

“Klaytn’s Southeast Asian base partner”

To fulfill the needs of domestic consumers, Definix, which began as a base in Southeast Asia, developed a new domestic organization. Teams from both countries have teamed up to fully use Multi-Chain’s benefits to complete structural preparations. As a result, Definix will be able to improve its technical competitiveness while also forming an internal and external ecosystem.

“Building an ecosystem centered on Definix”

Definix has many areas where the FINIX token we issued can be used. However, it is not until we have additional use cases for the token that will complete the tokenomics. Subsequently, with the plan to unveil multiple NFT projects and utilize the strengths of FSN Group in advertising and marketing through brand collaborations, we hope to build a strong ecosystem for Definix as an ultimate investment portal for businesses and everyone.

“Definix strengthens competitiveness.”

As well as building an ecosystem, Definix itself has many things planned to strengthen its competitiveness with the rest of the world. After securing the unique characteristics and competitiveness of Definix, we plan to increase external inflows through marketing activities that utilize FSN’s primary framework.

Upcoming Updates

Definix’s keyword for this year is “Definix Rising.”

We’d like to finish a robust and scalable platform and set aside a year to prepare for explosive growth as the following:


  • Long-term Stake Pool (BSC) — The long-term staking pool for FINIX is one of the steps for our platform to provide services that make the most out of everything. Instead of just having FINIX harvested as interest income, we noticed the potential to involve our users in our mission. Thus, the long-term staking pool comes with voting power obtained when staking and receiving vFINIX.

Users can then use vFINIX to claim their rights to decide the platform’s direction and what should be done. Once the long-term staking pool is launched, we will establish the “Super Stake,” a one-click feature that allows vFINIX investors to deposit FINIX without any minimum requirement.

  • Enhance utilities for FINIX and benefits of vFINIX holders — In addition to our one-click feature, “Super Stake,” we’re currently planning to integrate new features specifically for FINIX and vFINIX holders, such as rights to access to the whitelist on NFT projects or airdrop features.
  • Increase TVL through having more single-sided pools — In order to onboard new investors, we will focus more on adding single-sided pools and add products in line with the stable DeFi trend that anyone can easily participate in.


  • Collaboration with NFT Marketplace — This NFT marketplace will be a separate space from the Definix NFT Marketplace. We aim to expand places users can use SIX and FINIX as mediums of exchange on the Klaytn side of the marketplace.
  • Launch FINIX Nest (NFT project and IDO platform) — FINIX NEST is a launchpad based on the NFT project. As Klaytn Chain’s Treasures Club and governance token issuance plan have been announced, FINIX Nest will become an IDO platform for various NFT projects.
  • Legal risk management plan — In 2022, the overall industry of the blockchain will be incorporated into the system, and there will be changes equivalent to the past real-name financial system, such as real-name and taxation. As the overall environment for cryptocurrency projects shifts towards regulations, our team considers getting the ISMS license and certification as a cryptocurrency company in accordance with South Korea’s regulations.


  • Improve and advance Definix tokenomics — One of the most critical factors for developing a platform or tokens is tokenomics. That is why we’re striving to strengthen Definix’s ecosystem through partners’ LP lending services.
  • Launch NFT project that uses the “FINIX” brand — We consider adding a breeding system for NFTs and research user benefits such as the application to use NFTs to adjust APR. Currently, we’re working with our creative partner to review a fund type of NFT products for further execution plans.


  • Connect with Financial Institution — One of our biggest challenges as a multi-chain investment protocol is accessibility. We plan to tackle that challenge by connecting with prospective financial institutions. This will help us acquire more new investors and potentially provide us with new opportunities to improve and expand our platform.
  • Integrate offline economy and financial system — Implementing South Korea’s regulations to enhance the accessibility to enter the decentralized finance world and cashless payment. In addition, we consider registering electronic financial businesses and integrating traditional financial institutions to make this happen.


Within this roadmap, we want to demonstrate how our team has prepared a variety of new challenges, group capabilities, and thorough preparations for Definix’s biggest year yet!

As our community grows stronger every day, we have been receiving tremendous support for our platform. In return, our team will work hard and strive to become one of the best investment portals so that the SIX and FINIX investors will be able to have various choices and strategies to invest in the crypto world in the best smoothest way possible.

Keep growing with SIX Protocol Chain!

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