[Official Launch] Definix Rebalancing Farm on Binance Smart Chain

Rebalancing Farm on Klaytn has been shown casting top performance for many farms prioritizing every individual portfolio to rebalance the triggering point which best suits each characteristic.

Rebalance Strategy definition: The process of realigning the weightings of an asset portfolio is known as rebalancing. Rebalancing entails buying or selling assets in a portfolio on a regular basis in order to maintain the original or desired level of asset allocation or risk.

Start exploring by entering bsc.definix.com/rebalancing.

Earnest to the newest feature of Definix Binance Smart Chain, upon entering the Rebalancing Farm users will be offered a variety of farms as follows.

Assets Ratio

➔ Bullish Giant — BTC 70% ETH 30%

This is the farm that pays tribute to the origin of cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its performance is outstanding during the recent Bitcoin Bull Run and suitable for long-term investment.

The performance of this farm suitable for investors who are ready for a riskier journey. Share price since inception(Definix-Klaytn): 27.86%. (Marked date 23/Nov)

➔ Satoshi and Friend — BTC 40% ETH 20% XRP 20% USDT 20%

If you are a fan of BTC, this is what you are looking for. The farm contains 40% of BTC and also has 20% of ETH and XRP. The 2 mentioned assets have higher volatility compared to BTC, which makes this farm really compatible with the rebalancing algorithm.

Share price (Definix-Klaytn): 26.16% since the inception of Satoshi and Friend is likely volatile due to the characteristics of each asset. It is best for a stable investment strategy.

➔ Alt Party — ETH 30% XRP 30% BNB 30% USDT 10%

The best farm on Alt season, the Alt Party is contained Top Altcoin such as ETH, XRP, and BNB at the total ratio of 90%. All the assets mentioned are also the blockchain developers. Therefore, it can be represented as the Altcoin Index.

Share price since inception (Definix-Klaytn): 33.12% of this farm is best described for investors that love the balancing ratio of all Altcoins with a lesser percent of stablecoin. (Marked date 23/Nov)

➔ PoS Top Pick — ADA 20% ETH 20% AVAX 20% BNB 20% DOT 20%

Proof of Stake (POS) is one of the most popular consensus algorithms in the cryptocurrency industry. Even Etheruem is trying to adapt this consensus algorithm. The strength of the PoS is faster and cheaper compared to Proof of Work (PoW). With the mentioned advantages, it can provide the maximum benefits for its holders, especially the Altcoin holders.

➔ Game Index — THG 10% AXS 30% MBOX 30% TLM 10% ALICE 10% BUSD 10%

Game-Fi has been a recent hype in the DeFi world especially Game NFT, and the rebranding announcement of Facebook to Meta. It drives the internet world crazy. Game-Fi can be super volatile and give a super high profit. We also added the BUSD to this farm to help mitigate the loss that might occur from the negative price fluctuations.

Fee Structure

The fee is not collected when you first invest in the farm, but will only be collected when you withdraw.

Management fee (0.5%) will be deducted to the farm manager for this instance to the Enigma party and Definix system.

FINIX Buy Back and Burn (1%) will be distributed to development accounts for the buyback and burn, which is a part of the deflationary mechanism that helps stabilize the price and supply of FINIX in the ecosystem.

Change in Additional FINIX Reward on BSC Rebalancing Farm

Additional to this longing feature for Definix BSC users, we wanted to introduce a new form for harvesting the system of the FINIX reward. Previously on the Rebalancing Farm on Klaytn mainnet, the harvesting system is auto-compounding the reward back with the initial deposited amount invested in.

The auto-compounding system is clearly easy for every user to maintain their portfolio and constantly add their profit back to not miss out on any opportunity.

Now users can harvest FINIX just like other farms and pools on the Definix platform. Since from our operation and observation, it should be beneficial to have the feature allowing users to manage their own assets to their own preference.

Why Rebalancing Farm on BSC is Important

Ever since Rebalancing Farm has officially opened for Definix users on Klaytn mainnet, the feedback was astounding and users start asking when will BSC users can get their hands on it.

This is an important step of Definix for emerging Rebalacning Farm to BSC chain because each chain has its own characteristics of assets available. For that reason, we have added farms that have unique characteristics like PoS Top Pick, Game Index, and Forever Favourite to be opened.

The newly added farms can benefit users for an advanced investment strategy to sell weighted assets and use that portion to buy low value to even out imbalance. Managing risk to have better opportunities to keep making a profit from crypto on every interval.

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