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4 min readMay 24, 2022

SIX Network would like to announce the new launch plan for SIX Protocol that best suits the current market situation, makes it easier for all of you to engage, and creates the most positive effect for all partners and SIX holders. With this new launch plan, everyone can equally become a part of this launch step by step. Therefore, you are invited to join us to learn more and have conversations about this emerging one-of-a-kind project, “SIX Protocol.”

Here are all things #SIXProtocol that you can engage in by playing your parts 👇🏻 Be ready.

🗓 Starting now

As the mission of SIX Protocol is to help off-chain enterprises utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts for business development, we will gradually announce new node validator partners ​​who are famous and recognized as professionals in both B2B and B2C operations for particular industries. Our validator node partners range from real estate enterprises, the music and entertainment industries, department stores, online selling segmentations, digital content production firms, digital media agencies, and more to be revealed! (Hint: you already know some of them 🤩 )

We will announce new validator node partners on our social channels every week so that everyone can learn more about each enterprise joining the SIX Protocol.

🗓 Starting from June 2022

SIX Protocol will launch our mainnet with our block explorer, which comes with blockchain developers’ tools (Gitbook) for developers to utilize in building on the blockchain. We will also launch SIX Protocol’s official website, including our ecosystem’s general information, vision, and a portal to join us as one of the validator nodes.

🗓 Validator Nodes & Individual Nodes programs

We will announce details on each type of node for the SIX Protocol ecosystem, including introduction content pieces such as how to become one of the nodes, the rewarding system (APR), and the tentative timeline that you can start staking. You might want to stay alert for this one as there are only a limited number of nodes available ;-)

🗓 Press Conference event with SIX Protocol Validator Node Partnerships

Once we have revealed our validator node partners and announced the details on the staking system for individual nodes, we will host an official launching celebration event for every partner to meet the press and network with like-minded enterprises who are a part of the SIX Protocol ecosystem.

For our community, you can join us by watching the event LIVE (details will be announced again). We will also prepare some exclusive giveaways for those who tune in from home as a little appreciation gift for those who can’t attend the event.

p.s. For this part, you might want to join our Discord because there is a surprise coming, and only our community in Discord can participate.

Lastly, we want to thank all our supporters, the SIX Network community, and our beloved partners for the attention you paid and for open discussion encouragement. Having the community come together is truly beyond our wildest dreams.

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