[Announcement] Reward Schedule for The Loyalty Reward Program

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2 min readNov 11, 2022

From the latest announcement, we informed you that there will be an additional bonus rewarded to Long-Term stake users. This rewarding bonus will be distributed to all long-term stakes according to the tier during the snapshot period.

Rewarding Tier:

  • Diamond: 2,000 FINIX
  • Gold: 1,000 FINIX
  • Silver: 400 FINIX

Rewarding system

The reward to be claimed will be distributed to all Long-term Stake users and will receive 2 variations of the reward during this privileged period.

  1. The first one is fixed reward, users are entitled to a claimable reward from the beginning of the staking period.
  2. The second one is the variable reward which will be given according to the percentage of the vFINIX held compared to the total vFINIX supply.

Updated Status

SIX Network team has already finished with the snapshot period on 31 October 2022, 18:00 (GMT+9 Seoul Time), and we will inform you about the reward schedule for each round. Please refer to the table below.

  • 16 November 2022
  • 14 December 2022
  • 11 January 2023
  • 15 February 2023

Don’t forget to check out the Privilege Checker page, similar to a launch pool, where users have access to privileges like airdrop, whitelists, and more upcoming.


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